Who Are We?

KADi CREATIVE was born out of two freelance design friends who were taking a break from the afternoon grind of their home offices.

The conversation turned to how they were so glad to get off their desks and out of their workspace environments. It wasn't the work they were doing, it was the setting they were in.
Their workspaces lacked the character and design to inspire, like any good environment should. The constant mountain of unfinished tasks, sticky notes on computer screens, twelve open internet tabs amongst a jungle of loose ugly cables.

Our desks were an ugly mess. As a result, so was our mental wellbeing.




Our workspace is where we spent most of our lives creating our dreams, yet so little attention or care is ever drawn to it.

It was clear, we had a mission to help everyone clean up and design their workspaces. 
A Team of Designers Helping The Modern Creative Design Their Workspace.

What Do We Do?

We are a Melbourne based design startup, creating premium desk & tech accessories to Design Your Workspace. Our design aims to co-exist and complement your premium devices, perfectly balancing the art of work and function.
KADi Design is made to last the lifetime of your devices, helping to design your workspace.

KADi CREATIVE wants to fill the void between corporate ugliness and cheap junk. To lead the Desk and Tech market into a design revolution, one workspace at a time.

Need Workspace Tips or Inspiration?

Check out our guide, dedicated to help you Design Your Workspace!